the best breakfast ever


Something I must add that I forgot to mention in my previous post: remember those cookies I made that were already a little questionable? Well, I brought a bag of them to my cousin as a thank-you for letting me and the girlfriend stay with her in Hilton Head during her vaca. I set down my bags outside and backed my car out of the garage (which, let me add, is just big enough for my little Honda, as evidenced by scratches along one side and an increasingly more mangled side mirror), and, of course, ran over the bag of cookies.

Like, backed over it. Like, they all turned into one giant sheet of cookie.

I brought them anyway. “I made you these, I mean, this cookie…sorry that you read my blog post and know that I used margarine instead of butter. And sorry, also, that I might have literally run over them with my car. Lololol.”

Sometimes, I suck.


But other times, I don’t suck. Like when I’m throwing together some fabulously easy and delicious breakfast burritos.

All you need to do for these is scramble some eggs in one skillet while you keep tortillas warm in another. If your tortillas are especially hard, I’ve learned that wrapping them in a wet paper towel and microwaving them for 10-15 seconds really helps them become pliable. You can also do that with cats.

I mean, just kidding (Cat was at that moment knocking books off of my table, so this turned into a stream of consciousness).

Melt some cheese in your tortilla. Add in the eggs when they’ve had time to cook, then a big ol’ heap of black beans, then some slices of avocado, salsa, sour cream, whatever the hell you want. That’s part of the beauty of burritos: you just wrap a bunch of delicious shit together and let the deliciousness multiply as it all mingles.

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