you’ll want to take this one like a shot


Pinterest is home to all things crafty, pretty, and deceptive. One of the things I always spot on that site is smoothies. Breakfast smoothies, lunch smoothies, snack smoothies, spinach smoothies, kale and blueberry smoothies, almond milk and tree bark smoothies, protein smoothies, dairy/gluten/cruelty-free smoothies, smoothie smoothies.

One morning I decided to make myself a fruit smoothie, trying a few additions that I had seen on various pins, like oatmeal and almonds.

In my one-serving blender, I tossed together some freezer-burned strawberries and blueberries (maybe 1/2 c of each), Greek yogurt (one serving), honey (about a spoonful), cooked oatmeal (one serving), and a handful of raw, unsalted almonds.


I microwaved the instant oatmeal in a coffee mug without covering it, which was, er, a mistake.


I blended the mixture until it was smooth and then added about 7-8 cubes of ice.

Once the ice was blended in with the fruit/nut/yogurt/oatmeal concoction, I sipped my drink and was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Then, about ten minutes later, the smoothie magically transformed from a liquid to a solid and began to separate into weird, spongy layers. I tried to continue drinking it, but it barely moved when I lifted my glass to my mouth and tilted it until it was almost perpendicular to the floor (initially I tried to come up with an angle measurement, but geometry is not my strong suit).

If you decide to make this smoothie for yourself, I would advise drinking it as fast as humanly possible, like, in a single gulp. Otherwise, it’ll turn into a mixture reminiscent of something an older sibling forced you to drink as a kid against your will.

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